More control, less fatigue.

Make using syringes easier on your hands with the SyringeGrip. This small device provides an ergonomic grip to syringes.


Reduce the strain on your fingers by adding an ergonomic grip to your syringe

The SyringeGrip was originally developed as a one-off project for a group of Perineural Injection Therapy (P.I.T.) doctors who got strains from continuously using single-use syringes. The small handles of the syringes don't provide much grip, resulting in sore hands after a working day. To make it easier to order and to make more people benefit from it, we decided to make the SyringeGrip available online!

SyringeGrip - Productfoto


Although we think every doctor can benefit from the SyringeGrip, it can provide added value for some specific applications:

- Lyftogt Perineural Injection Therapy (P.I.T.)
- Prolotherapy
- Steroid injections
- Larger-volume injections
- Other injection therapies

SyringeGrip - Productfoto

Sizing and colours

We offer the SyringeGrip in two standard sizes: 5 mL and 10 mL. These universal grips fit most regular syringes (e.g. BD, Terumo and Nipro). When in doubt, please check the measurement of your syringe according to the diagram below.

We also have different colours in stock. When you start the order process, you will see which colours we have in stock at the moment.

Got a different brand or special request? Don't hesitate to contact us and we'll discuss the possibilities.

SyringeGrip - Sizing
SyringeGrip - Sizing
SyringeGrip - Productfoto

3D printed

Because of the availability of 3D printers nowadays, we are able to design and test a variety of models. After about 30 iterations, we think we've got the optimal design which provides the most comfortable grip.

We are continously developing new sizes and improving current designs. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have a special request or want to provide feedback on our products!


The prices are in Euros, for orders within the EU, we charge Dutch taxes (21% VAT). Feel free to contact us about any uncertainties.

9 or less SyringeGrips

The costs for less than 9 SyringeGrips are higher, because of the time it takes to fulfill smaller orders.

€ 15 excl. BTW (VAT) per SyringeGrip

10 or more SyringeGrips

The costs for 10 or more SyringeGrips are lower, because we can print bulk orders which saves us time.

€ 11 excl. BTW (VAT) per SyringeGrip

Special requests or brands

Designing different brands will take a bit of time. Nevertheless, we'd love to help you with special requests.

No standard price, ask us!

About us

We are Simone (pain specialist, physical therapist and medical student) and Daniël (data-analyst and 3D-designer) and we are based in the Netherlands. We do this as a side project, so we don't have a fully integrated webshop. However, we offer direct communication and a personal touch. Do you want information about getting a different brand, a special request or a large order? Just fill in the contact form and send us a message.

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